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84775 CAS 245 Literature, Media, and the Modern Environment Fall 2015 4.0 Open
Day Begin End Building Room
MW 1230 1345 MEL 206
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No Cap
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Cross Listed: CAS 245 (P), ENG 245, FMS 274
Instructors: NADIR L
Restrictions: [A] Instructor's permission required
Final Exam Schedule: DEWEY 4162 on 1216 at 1915
Description: We live the entirety of our lives on the earth, whether we dwell in urban, suburban, natural, or virtual spaces. For the most part, we do this without considering the full impact of our surroundings. In this course, we will study the work of creative writers and media practitioners to understand the role of place, space, nature, and environment in our daily lives. Our investigation will focus on how modern life and processes of modernization (such as urbanization, media, travel, industrialization, technology, consumerism, and colonialism) have drastically transformed humanity's relationships to land and earth. We will read diverse works, including slave narratives, nature writing, novels, and manifestos, relating them to contemporary film and media. Students will come away from this course with new critical awareness of the ways in which the environment profoundly shapes our identities even while it is rendered invisible by the accelerating social, economic, and technological upheavals of modern times.
Clusters: H1SUS001