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80492 CAS 267 EcoMedia: Environmental Media from Film to Smartphones Spring 2016 4.0 Open
Day Begin End Building Room
MW 1525 1640 LCHAS 181
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Cross Listed: CAS 267 (P), ENG 267, FMS 272
Instructors: NADIR L
Restrictions: [A] Instructor's permission required
Final Exam Schedule: LCHAS 181 on 0502 at 0830
Description: This course ​investigates how contemporary media shape understandings, experiences, and imagination of nature and the environment.​ ​Media​ ​rearrange planetary spaces, bringing news of global ecological destruction onto our screens, enabling us to carry “places” around in our pockets, telling us when to turn left, when to turn right. From documentary film to mobile computing devices, media have the contradictory role of creating unprecedented connectivity while generating widespread experiences of remoteness, alienation, hyper-memory, and profound amnesia. Our study will emphasize reading critical texts and putting them into dialogue with new media artifacts by creative practitioners. Topics to be studied include natural history, sustainability, environmentalism, industrialization, e-waste, media art, surveillance culture, cultural commons, time-space compression, news coverage of unnatural disasters, the politics of factory farms and amusement parks, and performance art about environmental justice.
Clusters: H1SUS001, N1SUS001