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79502 CAS 267 MEDIA SPACE:FILM TO SMART PHONE Spring 2013 4.0 Open
Day Begin End Building Room
MW 1525 1640 LCHAS 161
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Cross Listed: CAS 267 (P), ENG 267
Instructors: NADIR L
Final Exam Schedule: LCHAS 161 on 0506 at 0830
Description: This course examines the ways in which contemporary media shape understandings, perceptions, and imagination of the environment. This class will explore the role of media as communication technologies, in connecting information in one locale to consumers in another and investigate on how media also exceeds this linking role. While communicating environmental problems, data, or analyses, media technologies also create new spatial relationships, generating new ways of moving through and inhabiting places. Media rearrange environmental connections, bringing distant locales into the privacy of one’s home or allowing users of mobile computing technologies to carry “places” around their pockets, enabling unprecedented connectivity and new experiences of remoteness and alienation, hyper-memory and profound amnesia. Emphasis will be placed on reading critical texts and putting them in dialogue with contemporary new media artifacts made by creative practitioners.
Clusters: H1SUS001