Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Optics
CRN Course Course Title Term Credits Status
56255 OPT 492 SP TOP: THz Phenomenon & Technology Fall 2016 4.0 Open
Day Begin End Building Room
M 1030 1230 GRGEN 509
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Instructors: ZHANG X
Final Exam Schedule: GRGEN 509 on 1219 at 1230
Description: THz technology session provides the fundamentals of free-space THz optoelectronics for sensing, imaging and spectroscopy applications. A free-space THz-ray optoelectronic system, with diffraction-limited spatial resolution, femtosecond temporal resolution, DC-THz spectral bandwidth, and mV/cm field sensitivity, will be central to the course. We will cover the basic concepts of generation, detection and propagation of T-rays, and their applications. Students will learn how up-to-the-minute results in THz laboratories apply to research and development. Students will learn advanced systems with THz time-domain spectroscopy, optical rectification, electro-optic sampling, THz gas laser, Gunn diodes and Schottky diodes, and FTIR. Many newly developed THz systems at Rochester will be the examples used in this course. Ultrafast Phenomena session covers the methods for optical measurement with short laser pulses. Short laser pulse generation, amplification, detection, and characterization will be discussed.
Offered: Fall