Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Art & Art History-Studio Arts
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67230 SA 132 INTRODUCTION TO SCULPTURE: re)Collecting the Object Spring 2014 4.0 Open
Day Begin End Building Room
TR 1400 1640 SAGE BLDG
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Cross Listed: DMS 141, SA 132 (P)
Instructors: TOPOLSKI A
Restrictions: [T] Not open to seniors
Final Exam Schedule: SAGE BLDG on 0509 at 1600
Description: Found objects and discarded materials are employed in the making of art; the practice of gathering and the ramifications of accumulation are investigated while an historical tracing of similar processes supplies a conceptual foundation for the course. The objective of the course is the acquisition of a sound understanding of the basic elements of sculpture; the assignments, a communication of this understanding, investigate the pre-existing object as a receptacle for memory and history. Typical studio techniques and cognitive processes are addressed through exercises that attend to both formal considerations and thoughtful content. Not open to seniors.Studio art supplies fee: $50. If the course fills and you would like to be added to the wait list, please contact Stephanie Ashenfelder at
Clusters: H1SA009, H1SUS001