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COURSE_SECTION-3-128840 AHST 130-1 History of American Photography Spring 2022 4.0 - 0.0 Open
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TR 200 PM 315 PM Morey Room 501
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Instructors: Grace Seiberling
Description: This course introduces students to events in the history of American photography
and photographic media, surveying artists and cultural trends across the span of the
twentieth century. We will examine the various art movements and popular uses of
photography in their historical contexts, while examining the influence of politics,
economics, and social history – with close attention directed to categories of class,
race, and gender. This course has two objectives; one, to familiarize students with
principal photographers, modes, and movements, including identifiable visual styles
and cultural impacts, and two, to enhance students’ visual literacy and critical
reading skills as these are expressed in the history of photography and media
Offered: Fall Spring