Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Brain and Cognitive Sciences
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COURSE_SECTION-3-136032 BCSC 242-1 Neuropsychology Fall 2022 4.0 Open
Day Begin End Location Start Date End Date
MW 1650 1805 Meliora Room 203 08/31/2022 12/22/2022
Enrollment: Enrolled     
Co-Located: BCSC 242-1 (P), BCSC 542-1, NSCI 242-1, PSYC 242-1
Instructors: Melinda Patterson
Description: Examines clinical neuropsychology, which bridges neurology, neuroscience, and clinical psychology. Covers history of clinical neuropsychology, principles of neuropsychological assessment, and the interpretation of cognition and behavior as they relate to brain dysfunction. Considers specific neurological syndromes including neurodegenerative, cerebrovascular, toxic, and memory disorders; epilepsy; head trauma; infectious processes; pediatric neuropsychology; psychiatric syndromes; and forensic neuropsychology. Patient presentations (videotape and in-person interviews) supplement lectures.

Prerequisite: BCSC 110 or BCSC 240/NSCI 201

Offered: Fall Spring Summer