Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Modern Languages & Cultures - Chinese
CRN Course Course Title Term Credits Status
36206 CHI 111 INTENSIVE ELEMENTARY CHINESE Summer 2020 8.0 Open
Day Begin End Building Room
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Class Info: COURSE RUNS MAY 18 - JUNE 26
Instructors: TIAN G
Description: This 8-credit intensive Chinese course is designed for beginners of Chinese, it covers our regular semester CH101 and CH102 in eight weeks in an intensive manner. The curriculum goal is the same as both CH101 and CH102 and uses the same textbook. It is specifically designed for students who would like to learn Chinese, but whose busy schedules have prevented them during regular semesters. After learning this summer course, students will have an ideal beginning and solid foundation for further Chinese study and can continue on to CH151. This is one of the core courses in the Chinese program that counts toward cluster, minor or major. The course introduces students to the sounds, basic sentence structures, and the writing system of Mandarin Chinese. Pinyin, the phonetic translation system, is taught and required throughout the course. Emphasis will be on developing listening and speaking skills as well as building a vocabulary based on 800-1000 Chinese characters.
Clusters: H1CHI001, H1CHI002
Offered: Summer