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83255 CHI 219 Monsters, Ghosts, Fairies, & Gods: Encountering the Strange in Classical Literature (readings in translation) Fall 2018 4.0 Open
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Instructors: WEBER E
Description: This course is concerned with supernatural encounters in Classical Chinese literature. Our primary sources will comprise significant and archetypal pieces drawn from a range of different dynastic, cultural, and religious traditions spanning over two millennia. Readings (in translation) will include myths and legends, supernatural poetry, religious or religion-inflected texts, popular ghost stories, and works of fiction. In class, we will discuss common motifs and significance associated with these supernatural encounters, including but not limited to humanity’s relationship to the natural world and metaphysical or existential questions about life, death, and the universe; at the same time, we will consider the often-blurry lines between “history,” “myth,” and “fiction” and the significance such designations have for scholarly interpretation.
Clusters: H1CHI002, H1CHI003