Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Modern Languages & Cultures - Comparative Literature
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COURSE_SECTION-6-6409 CLTR 227A-1 Body Politics: Discourses of the Body in Japanese Culture Fall 2020 4.0 Open
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MW 1025 1140 Gavett Hall Room 310
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Co-Located: CLTR 227A-1 (P), CLTR 427-1, GSWS 220-1, JPNS 227-1
Instructors: David Holloway
Description: This reading intensive course is centered on public and private discourses of the body in contemporary Japan. Topics will include, but are not limited to: gender and sexuality, reproductive rights and motherhood, body image and beauty standards, youth and old age, masculinity and femininity, and health and disease. Through the conduit of journal articles, films, autobiographical essays, fiction, manga, and scholarly critiques, this course will expose students to a variety of rhetorical strategies and popular mediums concerning the body in Japan. In addition, this course will enrich students understanding of issues facing contemporary Japan and the ways in which we read and write about the body.
Offered: Fall Spring