Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Environmental Humanities
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83872 EHU 245 Nature / Culture / Memory / Modernity Fall 2018 4.0 Closed
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Cross Listed: AAS 245, EHU 245 (P), ENG 245, FMS 274, SUS 245
Instructors: NADIR L
Restrictions: [A] Instructor's permission required [T] Not open to seniors
Description: This course studies American writers’ engagement with shifting experiences of environment, nature, and place during the period of intense modernization from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Reading slave narratives, nature writing, novels, and essays, we will study how writers imagine human-environment relationships amidst social, economic, and technological changes, such as urbanization, colonization, industrialization, and the civil rights and social justice movements. A guiding question raised by the artworks is, How to create a meaningful connection to the planet in a time of so much injustice, destabilization, delocalization, mobility, and flux? Close attention will be paid to how literature can help us elucidate historical erasures of environmental relationships in modern times, such as experiences of racial oppression, eco-tourism, exoticism, trauma and war, exile, alienation, among others.
Clusters: S1SUS001