Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Environmental Humanities
CRN Course Course Title Term Credits Status
86624 EHU 268 Food Media and Literature Fall 2019 4.0 Closed
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Cross Listed: EHU 268 (P), ENG 267, FMS 275, SUS 241
Instructors: NADIR L
Restrictions: [A] Instructor's permission required [T] Not open to seniors
Description: This course studies how our eating practices are shaped by industrial, political, and ecological processes. To understand the politics, economics, and history of what appears on our plates, we cover topics such as biotechnology, food-preservation, chemicals and fertilizers, fast food, processed food, genetically modified organisms, obesity, superbugs, and the organic, local, vegetarian, slow-food, and food justice movements—primarily from the perspective of artistic, literary, and cultural texts.
Clusters: H1EHU001, H1FMS002, N1INT019, N1SUS001