Arts, Sciences, and Engineering English
Course Section Listing Course Course Title Term Credits Status
COURSE_SECTION-3-170700 ENGL 278-1 Advanced Playwriting: Dramatic Alchemy - from Play to Podcast Spring 2024 4.0 Hold
Day Begin End Location Start Date End Date
W 1400 1640 Todd Union Room 202F 01/17/2024 05/11/2024
Enrollment: Enrolled     
Instructors: Stephen Roessner
Description: Whether you call them radio dramas or fiction podcasts, audio-only plays captivate listeners with gripping dialogue, mood-setting music, and judicious sound effects. In this course, you will first create your own play for the ear, and then turn it into a short podcast. Be ready to give and receive robust feedback in a fast-moving, team-oriented atmosphere.
Offered: Fall Spring Summer