Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Film and Media Studies
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82944 FMS 248 FILM HISTORY: 1929-1959 Fall 2018 4.0 Open
Day Begin End Building Room
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Cross Listed: AH 253 (P), AH 453, CLT 218, ENG 256, ENG 456, FMS 248
Instructors: WILLIS S
Description: This course provides a transnational survey of film history, examining the technical and formal aspects of the medium in its production and exhibition. As we explore the development of cinema during this period, we will address a number of aesthetic and technological issues. For example, how did the development of sound technology affect film form? How did it affect cross-cultural cinematic exchange? What is the significance of genre across various film traditions? What did the studio system contribute to Hollywood's success in the international market? How did immigrant and exiled film personnel shape the industries they joined? Weekly screenings and film journals required.
Clusters: H1FMS001, H1RST003
URL: FMS 132 - Intro to Art of Film OR FMS 131 - Intro to Media Studies