Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Film and Media Studies
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89222 FMS 257 ADVANCED VIDEO ART: LANDSCAPE Fall 2019 4.0 Open
Day Begin End Building Room
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Cross Listed: DMS 221, EHU 255, FMS 257, SA 262A (P), SA 262B, SA 262C
Instructors: ADAMS C
Restrictions: [E] Not open to First year [A] Instructor's permission required
Description: This course explores video art processes with an emphasis on landscape, environments, climate change, immigration and migration, global economies, environmental justice, food studies, apocalypse, the Anthropocene, perception of nature, social justice, experimental practices, and emerging technologies. Students will consider time-based objects and sound from eco-artistic perspectives questioning and interrupting conventional narrative forms while embracing innovative techniques to generate new and unexpected results. Projects will involve installation, single channel, sound, and networked based approaches. Works will be examined within a critical environmental arts framework through readings, critiques, viewings and critical discussions. Permission of instructor. $50 studio fee.
Clusters: H1SA009