Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Film and Media Studies
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78832 FMS 283 MIDDLE EASTERN CINEMA Spring 2014 4.0 Open
Day Begin End Building Room
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Cross Listed: AH 268 (P), AH 468, CLT 258, CLT 458, FMS 283
Instructors: SALEH Z
Final Exam Schedule: MOREY 525 on 0507 at 1600
Description: This course surveys contemporary Middle Eastern cinema, looking at films from across the region in addition to films about the Middle East. We will watch films that deal with war and conflict, gender and sexuality, modernization and diaspora, keeping in mind current and not-so-current events. We will examine the relationship between film and the development of histories, paying attention to cultural nuance and the idea of geographic genre, while keeping in mind the circulation and distribution of filmic objects. Some films that will be discussed include Persepolis, Waltz with Bashir, Amreeka, Paradise Now. Readings will include work by Edward Said, Hamid Naficy, and theorists of film and visual culture.