Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Film and Media Studies
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83571 FMS 295 MOTHERS, COMRADES & WHORES Spring 2016 4.0 Open
Day Begin End Building Room
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Class Info: SCREENINGS: MONDAYS 1940-2200
Cross Listed: CLT 212C, CLT 288, CLT 412C, CLT 488, FMS 295, FMS 495, GER 288 (P), GER 488, WST 288
Instructors: CREECH J
Description: In this course we will explore representations of women in post-World War II German cinema. Moving chronologically from the building of two German states to the post-unification period, we will consider the constantly shifting meaning of 'woman' in popular and avant-garde films, narrative and documentary films, films by both male and female directors. We will consider equally films from East and West Germany. How does 'woman' function as a narrative device in these films? Do women behind the camera change 'woman's' meaning within the film? Can 'woman' consistently be reduced to one narrative trope (mother, comrade or whore), or does she resist? All readings and discussions are in English; all films are subtitled.
Clusters: H1GER002, H1GER013, H1MLC001