Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Film and Media Studies
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COURSE_SECTION-3-108153 FMST 229-1 The Matter with Men in Film and Society Spring 2021 4.0 Open
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TR 940 1055 Online Room 19 (ASE)
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Co-Located: ENGL 263-1 (P), ENGL 463-1, FMST 229-1, GSWS 269-1
Instructors: David Bleich
Description: This course considers men's behavior in society with special attention to their use of force as individuals and in groups. Men's groups in every part of society—religious, political, commercial, athletic, government, and other zones form bonds and separate themselves from domestic contexts and public places that are multigendered. Several psychological studies and sixteen films are on the reading list. Some films show explicit violence including rape and murder.
Offered: Fall Spring Summer