Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Film and Media Studies
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COURSE_SECTION-3-158805 FMST 241-1 The Politics of Television Fall 2023 4.0 Open
Day Begin End Location Start Date End Date
TR 1525 1640 Lechase Room 163 08/30/2023 12/22/2023
Enrollment: Enrolled     
Co-Located: ENGL 263-2 (P), FMST 241-1
Instructors: Joel Burges
Description: In this course, we will explore both the role of television in politics and the various modes through which television represents political life, focusing primarily on the United States. Developing a conceptual toolkit to analyze the politics of television, we will explore how the audiovisual form of television matters politically by posing the following questions: How do broadcast and cable news shape political discourse? What alternatives—e.g., community, activist, public, and documentary television—have developed to exploit and/or challenge the dominance of broadcast and cable networks in the representation of political life? What is the role of storytelling in the politics of television, from fictional series such as The West Wing, Homeland, News of a Kidnapping, and Parks and Recreation to the use of narrative in Congressional and Senate hearings about, for example, major public events and nominations to the Supreme Court? 
Offered: Fall Spring