Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Film and Media Studies
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FMST265_20211_27829 FMST 265-1 Guilt Fall 2020 4.0 Open
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TR 1230 1345 Online Room 6 (ASE)
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Co-Located: FMST 265-1, GSWS 256-1, JWST 226-1 (P), RELC 226-1
Instructors: Joshua Dubler
Description: The category of “guilt” floats between theology, psychology, and criminology. Sometimes as a feeling, sometimes as a purported objective condition, guilt stars in big stories moderns tell about what it is to be a member of a society, what it is to be a religious person, and how it feels to be a creature with sexual appetites. Meanwhile, for legal and mental health professions, proof of guilt is used to sort the good from the bad, the normal from the deviant, and the socially respectable from the socially disposable. Not all is so dour, however. Guilt lives in confession, denunciation, and in criminal sentencing, but it is also the stuff of jokes, of ethnic pride, and of eroticism. Toward an anatomy of guilt, in this course we will draw on the works of Freud, Nietzsche, Arendt, Foucault, Janet Malcolm and Sarah Schulman, and we will wrestle with the films—and complicated legacies—of Alfred Hitchcock and Woody Allen, two filmmakers who are preoccupied with (and implicated by) guilt, as feeling and as fact.
Offered: Fall Spring Summer