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COURSE_SECTION-6-5810 FREN 274-1 Caribbean Novel & Its Theory Fall 2020 4.0 Open
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MW 1025 1140 Lechase Room 148
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Co-Located: FREN 274-1 (P), FREN 474-1
Instructors: Cilas Kemedjio
Description: This course is a study of major Caribbean novels and major theoretical texts. The reading will be structured around the notion of Antillanite or Creolization elaborated by Martinican Edouard Glissant and his heirs Chamoiseau and Confiant of the Creolite movement. The controversial presence of the Other (Africa and France) in the Caribbean, the need to build a Caribbean authenticity in order to participate freely in what Glisant Glissant terms Relation planetaire (Planetary Relations) will also be thoroughly examined. Course taught in French.
Offered: Fall Spring Summer