Arts, Sciences, and Engineering History
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COURSE_SECTION-3-108311 HIST 132-1 Imperial Russia Spring 2021 4.0 Open
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MW 1025 1140 Bausch & Lomb Room 269
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Co-Located: HIST 132-1 (P), RSST 171-1
Instructors: Matthew Lenoe
Description: This course examines the history of the Russian Empire from the reign of Peter the Great (1692-1725) to the revolutions of 1917. Students will read primary sources in translation, academic articles, and a survey text. About one-half of class time will be devoted to discussion of the readings. Topics will include Peter's westernization of Russian elites and the costs thereof, the Pugachev rebellion of 1773-1775, the spread of Enlightenment ideals to Russia during the Napoleonic Wars, the abolition of serfdom, Sergei Wittes industrialization drive, socialist movements in Russia, World War I, and the causes of the revolutions of 1917.
Offered: Fall Spring Summer