Arts, Sciences, and Engineering History
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COURSE_SECTION-3-117403 HIST 213-1 China and the US since 1900 Fall 2021 4.0 - 0.0 Open
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MW 1230 PM 145 PM Harkness Room 210
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Instructors: Elya Zhang
Description: What was the link between Tsinghua University, the MIT of China, and the U.S. Congress? How did the Great Depression travel from New York to Shanghai? Why would millions of Chinese and American soldiers fight on Korean soil in the Korean War? How did Nixon become the most beloved American president in China, and Harvard the warm bed of Chinese dissidents? Will the current century witness the long marriage between Chinese and U.S. economies—the CHIMERICA, or its bitter divorce? Let us read through books and archives together in this course, and find our own answers to the above questions.
Offered: Fall Spring Summer