Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Modern Languages & Cultures - Japanese
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COURSE_SECTION-6-5886 JPNS 254-1 Rises and Falls of Modern Japan Literature Fall 2020 4.0 Open
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WF 1400 1515 Hylan Building Room 101
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Co-Located: CLTR 264B-1 (P), JPNS 254-1
Instructors: William Bridges
Description: This course explores major works of Japanese literature written from 1885 to the present. Central to our exploration will be the rises and falls (of authors, literary schools, regimes, tectonic plates, and, perhaps, literature itself) of Japanese literature. The focus of this survey is Japan's rich body of prose narratives. This focus is supplemented by investigations of genres and media such as poetry, film, theater, photography, advertisements, historical nonfiction, anime, and manga. This course is taught in English.
Offered: Fall Spring Summer