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COURSE_SECTION-3-161579 RELC 216-1 Women and Islam Fall 2023 4.0 Open
Day Begin End Location Start Date End Date
R 200 PM 440 PM Rush Rhees Library Room 442 08/30/2023 12/22/2023
Enrollment: Enrolled     
Instructors: John Thibdeau
Delivery Mode: In-Person
Description: This seminar will interrogate intersections of women (and gender more broadly) and Islam from historical, philosophical, and ethnographic materials and perspectives. Specifically, we will discuss examples of Islamic feminisms, ethical agency and empowerment, philosophical and theological construction of gender, Quranic interpretation, and critical legal scholarship on women in Islam. The course will also include reflections on the place of Muslim women in secular states and the role of women in U.S. foreign policy over the 20th and 21st centuries.
Offered: Fall Spring Summer