Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Modern Languages & Cultures - Spanish
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COURSE_SECTION-3-108620 SPAN 202-1 The Forging of a Nation Spring 2021 4.0 Open
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MW 1230 1345
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Instructors: Claudia Schaefer
Description: Explores the development of Spanish national identities reflected in and influenced by literary works from the early 19th century to the 21st. Symptomatic of transformations throughout Europe, Spains writers engage with a modernity that fitfully replaces the traditional social order. Their tools were the systems of knowing the world and of linguistic expression that would be forever changed by contradictions they saw around them. From the poetry of the Romantic period through the literature of the post-Franco era, literature in Spain is a register of cultural turmoil as well as desperate hope and expectation. Readings may include: Gustavo Adolfo Bcquer, Jos de Espronceda, Benito Prez Galds, Emilia Pardo Bazn, Miguel de Unamuno, Jos Ortega y Gasset, Federico Garca Lorca, Jacinto Benavente, Ana Mara Matute, Carmen Martn Gaite, Antonio Buero Vallejo, Rosa Montero, Paloma Pedrero, Bernardo Atxaga, and Merc Rodoreda.
Offered: Fall Spring Summer