Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Modern Languages & Cultures - Spanish
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COURSE_SECTION-3-147369 SPAN 282-1 Si el Norte fuera el Sur: Latinx Literature and Thought Spring 2023 4.0 Open
Day Begin End Location Start Date End Date
TR 1400 1515 Lechase Room 103 01/11/2023 05/06/2023
Enrollment: Enrolled     
Co-Located: AAAS 208-1, GSWS 282-1, SPAN 282-1 (P), SPAN 482-1
Instructors: Vialcary Crisostomo
Description: How is Latinx identity expressed? What historical events have marked its social and cultural

articulation? These questions will guide the work of this course, as we discuss the historical and contemporary discourses that have shaped the lives and sociopolitical agency of Latinxs in the United States. Departing from the Caribbean Philosophical Association’s mission of Shifting the Geography of Reason, we will explore the tensions and dynamics involved in Latinx author’s thought and cultural productions. Through the analysis of literary and philosophical texts, as well as historical data and policies, we will examine projects and practices that work towards the decolonization of Power, Being and Knowledge.  Course offered in English. May be taken for Spanish credit (if writing assignments done in Spanish; prerequisite for Spanish enrollment is SPAN 200)

Readings may include works by Gloria Anzaldua, Nelson Maldonado-Torres, Valeria Luiselli, Eduardo Halfon, Elizabeth Acevedo, Gabby Rivera, María Lugones

Offered: Fall Spring