Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Modern Languages & Cultures - Spanish
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COURSE_SECTION-3-169897 SPAN 287A-1 Mexican Film Spring 2024 4.0 Open
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MW 325 PM 440 PM Lattimore Room 210 01/17/2024 05/11/2024
Enrollment: Enrolled     
Instructors: Raul Rodriguez-Hernandez
Delivery Mode: In-Person
Restrictions: New Restriction
Description: The global success of film directors Alejandro González Iñárritu, Carlos Cuarón, and Guillermo del Toro has placed Mexican cinema at the forefront of popularity and attention. The New Mexican Cinema (El Nuevo Cine Mexicano) cannot be understood, however, without becoming acquainted with the traditions of Mexico’s intricate and complicated film history. This course explores genres, features, and directors from the Golden Age of the 1950s through the 21st century in search of expressions of national identity (and their satire), political and cultural critique, and the overt and covert influence of Hollywood’s film industry. Includes films of directors mentioned above plus Roberto Gavaldón, René Cardona, Arturo Ripstein, Daniel Gruener, and others. Course taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: SP 200.
Offered: Fall Spring Summer